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In Why I Listen, we explore the concept and qualities of listening − what happens in us when we truly listen and what makes us feel listened to. What is good listening? With the help of various guests connected to therapy, arts, teaching, communication, etc, we will explore different perspectives and levels of listening − How do we listen deeply? How do we listen to ourselves and others? Which part of us is listening in a given circumstance? We will dive into the secrets of communication and relationship and gain more insight on this beautiful quality.

My name is Zelino Modesto − I am a Voice Coach, a Singing Teacher, a NLP Coach, a Dancer, a Performer, an in-training Psychotherapist and I am your host.



S1 E11 - The Singularity of People with Vinicius

Picture by @Vilma Machado

Vinicius is a dancer and artistic & choreographic director of Momentos World. He also describes himself as a researcher of the human soul.

In our conversation, Vinicius shares his perspective on dance and how he sees the movement as the expression of something deeper. He also shares with delight how he used to listen to his grandmother tell stories, in what he called the family "golden Sundays".

More information about Vinicius, and Momentos World.

S1 E10 - Inner Callings with José Abreu

This is a personally special episode for me — Zé is someone I really admire and he is a reference for my own work.

Zé touches several different fields — he is a therapist, an actor, a musician, he works with children with special needs, accompanies people in a terminal phase of their lives, and the list goes on.

It's also impressive how easily he navigates through different traditions and religions.

In this episode, Zé shares his parts of his own journey, his perspective on listening, and how he feels he is sometimes an instrument.

S1 E9 - Free Listening with Benjamin Mathes

Benjamin is an artist, author, listener, and the founder of Urban Confessional — a movement that is "recovering the lost art of listening".

Benjamin shares with us about the story behind the movement and some of the things that are present for him in the quality of listening.

Urban Confessional is present in 80 countries.

You can find more info about Urban Confessional here, and about Benjamin here.

S1 E8 - Teaching Voice to Trans Women with Maggi Stratford

Maggi is a Voice Teacher working with the Trans Community. In our conversation, she shares with us the role the Voice has in the identity of someone that goes through transition.

Maggi is a joy to talk to -- a true storyteller, full of expression and humor. Personally, I feel deeply touched and inspired by the work Maggi is doing.

Find out more about her work here - https://www.maggistratford.com/

S1 E7 - Dog Training & Therapy with Benoit and Jana

Benoit and Jana are therapists and dog trainers, combining both worlds in canine-assisted therapy. They describe their work as supporting people to grow through collaboration with a dog.

They share how, in interaction, the dog reflects what is present in the moment, with the person or group.

You can find more information about their activities on their Facebook page.

As we also mention my dog, in case you want to see him, you can find a pic here :)

S1 E6 - Intuition Is Very Precise with Jonathan Hart Makwaia

In this episode, I will be talking to Jonathan Hart Makwaia. Jonathan is a vocalist, composer and voice researcher, an Associate Arts Professor in the Department of Drama at New York University, a long-time performer, composer and musical director for the Roy Hart Theatre and currently President of the Roy Hart International Arts Centre in the South of France.

Jonathan shares his perspective on Listening — when supporting someone on their Vocal exploration or their performance creation, when preparing his own performances, and some of the subtle layers of listening. And why he doesn’t like the word listening. :)

You can find his music here (Spotify). And this is the link to the Roy Hart International Arts Centre.

S1 E5 - I'm One With Everything with Bouke Broeren

In this episode, Bouke Broeren shares with us his perspective on listening and his very personal story − from his early contact with therapy, meditation, his work as a "Bringer of Clarity", how he interprets the messages from life and how he keeps vulnerability present.

Bouke is a Consultant, a Coach and in-training Psychotherapist.

S1 E4 - What Am I Telling Myself with Maaike Oosterlijnck

Picture by @photosForDancersOnly

Maaike Oosterlijnck is an amazing dancer and dance teacher, and also a Mediator in a hospital in Belgium; mediating, mainly, conflict relationships between hospital personnel and patients. She trained as a mediator at MEDIV (Mediation Institute Flanders).

Maaike has also worked as a social worker with people with a mental disability, and with refugees.

For reading about conflicts and mediation, Maaike recommends: Friedrich Glasl, Arnold Mindell, Myrna & Greg Lewis.

S1 E3 - I Sense You with Gees Boseker

Join me in conversation with Gees Boseker, where we explore how to listen to the body, and what the body tells us about how we feel. Discover what she means when she says 'sensations have words"; and allow yourself a moment to connect with your own body.

Gees is in a Body-psychotherapist, teacher, researcher and author.

S1 E2 - I Will Be Moved with Sep Vermeersch

Join me in conversation with Sep Vermeersch, where he talks about the role that listening plays in how he dances, performs, teaches and more; how it allows him to be attuned with the moment, the music and the audience.

Sep is a natural entertainer and charming storyteller - you’re in for a good time!

Bonus - Listening Is a Super Power

In this short episode, I reflect and share the context behind Why I Listen − for Who I feel it is, What is the goal, Why listening as topic, and when you can expect new episodes.

S1 E1 - Extraordinary Space with Nuno Salema

Welcome to Why I Listen! In this episode, Nuno Salema shares how he perceives the awareness of listening and how to be fully present in the act of listening. He talks about how to create and be in this extraordinary space, the different parts of us that listen when we interact with others, and how that has an influence in our actions.

Nuno is a psychologist, a body psychotherapist, an actor, a teacher and a dear friend.

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